2005 Post-graduate Diploma of Research Methods, James Cook University, Cairns
1995 Bachelor of Education in Visual Arts, University of Melbourne

Solo Exhibitions

2021 Continuum: a survey covering 17 years arts practice, Cairns Art Gallery 
2020 CutOuts, The Art room Vivo, Palm Cove Cairns
2017 Mud on the wall, Vivo, Palm Cove, Cairns
2016 Whatnots, Vivo, Palm Cove, Cairns
2014 Popcorn, Vivo, Palm Cove, Cairns
2008 Sweet tooth, Centre of Contemporary Arts, Cairns
2005 Heat, The Reef Hotel Casino, Cairns
2004 Otro Venera, Maroondah Art Gallery,  Melbourne
2003 Alchemy, Cairns Regional Gallery, Cairns

Collaborative Exhibition

2012 Glimpse, Poulsen and Valmadre, Cairns Regional Gallery, Cairns
Sixfold Project: Raewyn Biggs, Barbara Dover, Louisa Ennis-Thomas, Julie Poulsen, Rose Rigley and Jennifer Valmadre
2022 Meanwhile, Sixfold project, NorthSite Contemporary Arts, Bulmba-ja, Cairns
Fumble and fold in Black and white, Sixfold project, Palm Cove, Cairns.
Out of the box, Sixfold project, Kite Gallery, Cairns
2021 Six + Six mixed messages, Sixfold project, Palm Cove, Cairns.
2020 Blistering, Sixfold Project, Vivo, Palm Cove
Selected Group Exhibitions
2021 Flight, The Kite Gallery, Cairns
Novel Anthropocene-19, online, NorthSite Contemporary Art, Cairns
2019 ArtNow, The Cairns Gallery, Cairns
2017 The Torrid Zone, Centre of Contemporary Arts, Cairns
2016 Arcade, Knock Knock Contemporary Artists’ Initiative, Cairns
2015 Art Now, Cairns Regional Gallery, Cairns
Sorority, Tanks Art Center, Cairns
2014 Sense & Sensibilities, Knock Knock contemporary artist initiative, Canopy Artspace, Cairns
OXO, Vivo, Palm Cove, Cairns
2013 Paper, Tanks Arts Centre, Cairns
Collecting Art, Cairns Regional Gallery fundraiser, Cairns
Paradise, Knock Knock contemporary artist initiative, Circa  1907, Cairns
 2012 Sub-150, a Knock Knock contemporary artist initiative, Circa 1907, Cairns
A common thread, collaborative book: Knock Knock contemporary artist, travelling
Collecting Art, Cairns Regional Gallery fundraiser, Cairns
Women in the arts, a Knock Knock contemporary artist initiative, Circa 1907, Cairns
2011 Birds of a feather, Cairns Regional Gallery, Cairns
2010 The Salon, Cairns Regional Gallery, Cairns
Due North collections exhibition, Cairns Regional Gallery, Cairns
2009 Fire cloud, Centre of Contemporary Arts, Cairns
Selected Publications
2012 Savannah Country: the art of Julie Poulsen and Jenny Valmadre, a documentary film, Catherine Hunter Productions Pty Ltd
2009 The Journal of Australian Ceramics, 48#3 November, front/back
Pgs 3, 44 to 47 Barbecued Clay, yum
Awards & Grants
2012 Cultural Tourism grant, Regional Arts Development Fund
2003 Major Grant, Arts Queensland: Arts and Cultural Project
Public Collections
2020 Ossified Scribbling, held in The Cairns Art Gallery collection
2010 Sugar, Moving sculpture Project, Cairns Regional Gallery Outreach program.
The Burn, held in the Cairns Convention collection
2004 The Source, held in the Cairns Regional Gallery Collection
Layers of Life, held in the Queensland State Government Collection
Corporate Collections
2004 Otro Venera, Smile Solutions Orthodontics, level 1, Manchester Unity Building, 220 Collins St, Melbourne, 3000
2007 Horizons 1, 2 & 3, Shangri-La Hotel, Cairns