Whatnots is about the you-knows and thingamajigs of life; with age I find my synapses firing off in different directions or in no direction at all.

These works represent the odd connections, or lack of, my mind makes while thinking on one thing and trying to remember the noun for another. My sentences are filled with, that doohickey to go with the whatchamacallit, wonderfully inventive words we use when simple cat, or mat may be all we are thinking of.

The ceramic bits and pieces represent my neurons and the encaustic drawing my neural pathways; no wonder my synapses get a little confused.

Whatnots is also a body of work that bridges two facets of my arts practice, encaustic painting and ceramics. The combined materials produce works that are not really painting or sculpture they are,

I hope you enjoy the thingamabobs and doodads of Whatnots.